Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions. More complete information is available in the General Rules (see tab at the top of the home page) and in the category descriptions.

Multiple Entries
Q: Can I submit the same work in multiple categories?
A: Absolutely. Enter as many categories as you wish, but you can only win in one.
Number of Items to Enter

Q: How many elements or files am I allowed to submit with an entry?
A:  Submit your best work for consideration, but try to limit it 10 elements or files if possible. You won't be penalized for going over the limit. 
Passwords and Log-in

Q: I entered your competition last year. Do I use the same password and log-in information this year?
A: No. You must re-register. We do not save registration or payment information.

Nomination or Cover Letter

Q: What constitutes a nomination or cover letter?
A: Think of this as your time before the judges to explain your work. Summarize the content. Tell why you did it, how you did it and what obstacles had to be overcome. Discuss major findings. Share feedback and results, if any. Help the judges understand why your work is prize-worthy. If access to your work is blocked by a paywall, provide the access code in your letter.

Distribution, Publishing Dates

Q: The entry form asks for dates the work appeared but there isn't enough space in the field for all the dates of my entry. What should I do?
A: Use the first date and the last date or the primary submission date. Then the entry system will permit you to move to the next field.


Q: I see a podcast won in your radio category last year. Are podcasts also eligible in other categories that are open to digital media?
A: Yes. As a form of online and digital media, a podcast may be submitted as part of an entry, a supplement to an entry or as an entry when other eligibility requirements are met.

International Eligibility

Q: My work appears in a media outlet that is based in the United States but I work outside the country. Am I eligible?
A: Yes, you are eligible. The Scripps Howard Awards program is a national journalism competition that honors journalism published, broadcast, distributed and/or posted by media outlets that operate in the U.S. Enter using the address of the U.S.-based media outlet association with your work.
Q: I work in the United States for a media outlet that operates and distributes in the United States but is based in another country. Is my work eligible?
A: Yes, it is eligible because you are affiliated with the U.S. operation of the media outlet.

Visual Journalism Query

Q: May I submit my work in a zip file?
A: Please do not submit a zip file. Instead, send up to 60 photos individually as jpgs or place the jpgs in a folder on an online site of your choosing and submit a link to the folder. You will find areas on the entry site for submitting files and links.

PDFs and URLs

Q: Your entry form has fields for me to enter PDFs and URLs. Should the same material also be submitted as both a file and a link?
A: You need to submit each element of your entry just one time as either a file or a link unless you are choosing the mail-in option. We recognize that entries are unique and offer the PDF and URL options to make entering easier for you.

How Many PDFs?

Q: May I submit our entire entry in one PDF or do you want multiple PDFs?
A: Yes, you may put the entire entry into one PDF file but be sure to start with the cover or nomination letter. If your entry is extremely large or difficult to present in an easy-to-understand context as one PDF, you may want to submit multiple PDFs. Limit each PDF file to 25 pages. The judges will appreciate it!

Third-Party Sites

Q: We don't want to put the link to our video on our television station's website. May we enter using a link to YouTube or a third-party site?
A: Yes. Just be sure that the link you submit to us is functional and remain functional until June 1, 2020.

Link Length

Q: Some of the links to our work are lengthy. Is that okay?
A: Not really. Depending upon the length of the link, our entry field may not be able to handle it. We recommend renaming your file with a shorter link.

How original should it be?

Q: Does the requirement that content be submitted “as it originally appeared” mean we should enter PDFs of actual newspaper pages, or is it acceptable to submit a re-formatted version?
A: You may submit a re-formatted version of material as long as the content is original.

May I submit the whole page?

Q: May I enter a PDF of the entire page or do I need to enter a PDF of just the article that is considered part of the entry?
A: Yes. You may enter the entire page but make sure the work you want the judges to review is easily identifiable and readable.

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